Dave Pinnell Accepts Promotion to VP of Business Development

Dave Pinnell has accepted the expanded leadership role of Vice President of Business Development at STAR Dynamics. STAR has been experiencing consistent growth during recent years in our primary markets of RCS Measurement and Precision Target Tracking, which has created the opportunity to evolve our business practices and organizational structure to sustain that growth. Dave’s new assignment represents a step in that organizational tuning effort. Dave has been a key contributor to STAR Dynamics’ successes in his previous role as VP of Aftermarket Support and this new leadership position represents the first of many steps necessary for the company to reach to new horizons. 

Due to STAR Dynamics’ growth in the Instrumentation Radar sector, we can access broader opportunities in adjacent markets associated with Test and Measurement, Electronic Warfare, and Military Tactical Radar systems. To further stimulate our core business growth and extend into adjacent markets, Dave will be organizing our overall business development strategies and efforts by managing General Marketing, Website Maintenance, Trade Show Participation, Formal Solicitation Tracking, Proposal Development, Customer Relationships, and Aftermarket Support. STAR Dynamics’ employee census has tripled during the last six years and our new VP of Business Development will lead the charge for the next tripling of revenues!

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