Dave Pinnell Receives 2023 Distinguished Service Award

In recognition of over four decades of phenomenal performance in the radar industry, STAR Dynamics Vice President of Business Development Dave Pinnell has been awarded one of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association’s most prestigious honors, this year’s Distinguished Service Award.

Mr. Pinnell’s dedication to radar science has been a lifelong passion. As an early high school graduate, he enlisted in the US Air Force at the age of 17. After serving for 6 years, Mr. Pinnell took the skills and passion for technology which he developed during his service and went to work for many highly technical and respected companies such as Electro-Magnetic Sciences, Dyncorp, Denmar Technical, EG&G, Johnson Controls, and finally, STAR Dynamics.

Mr. Pinnell has been an AMTA member for 24 years, served on the host committee for AMTA 2002 & 2010, served as co-chair for AMTA 2013 and chair in 2021.  He was awarded AMTA Senior Member in 2013 and elected to the Board of Directors in 2014.  He served as Treasurer 2015 and 2016 during which time he was instrumental in changing Board procedures and policy to allow any elected BoD member to serve in any role, including that of Treasurer. Additionally, Mr. Pinnell has served in the position of President in 2017, Past President 2018, and CFO since 2017.

Among those to whom Mr. Pinnell credits his success are God, Jim Lutz, Randy Jost, Dan McCain, Paul Swetnam, Jerry Jost, and his wife.

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