STAR hires Andy Bell as new project manager

Andy Bell has joined STAR Dynamics Corporation as project manager. In this role, he will lead company-wide project management, which includes budgeting, scheduling, and scope.


STAR welcomes Andy Bell to the team.

FEB 8, 2021 | 1 MINUTE READ

STAR Dynamics Corporation welcomes Andy Bell as their new Project Manager. Andy will be leading company-wide project management to include budget, schedule, and scope. He will also serve as the Facilities and Securities Officer (FSO) at STAR. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati, Andy brings more than 20 years of project management experience with him and will be instrumental in STAR transitioning to the “Agile” project management approach in the coming months.

“We are excited to have Andy onboard and eager to leverage his experience with Agile in an effort to deliver greater value to our customers more efficiently. His technical background combined with his Agile expertise will make him an excellent fit on our team.”

– CEO Dr. R. Jerry Jost

About STAR Dynamics

STAR Dynamics is a world leading manufacturer of radar cross section (RCS) measurement and precision tracking radar systems. Established in 1988, STAR Dynamics was created to meet the needs of America’s Low Observable(LO)/Counter-Low Observable (CLO) programs. Over the past quarter of a century, we have developed and deployed over 100 leading-edge, custom radar systems for both domestic and international businesses and governments. Today, STAR Dynamics has radar installations around the globe and offices in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Georgia; and we continue to invest in new product development and innovation for tomorrow’s radar systems.