State-of-the art RCS radar for the dynamic airborne targets of today and tomorrow

GTARS long-range, wideband RCS radar signature and LO verification radar is an advanced, cost‑effective solution for programs that develop, test, and evaluate maneuvering airborne LO platforms and weapon systems.

GTARS boasts a pedigree of more than 100 RCS, radar signature, and LO/CLO legacy systems.  Thanks to these previous builds, our latest product design is not only the most reliable and efficient, but it grants the lowest possible total cost of ownership over the radar’s lifetime.


Real-time/post-processing workstation


32 terabytes of data storage


Advanced human-machine interface


RCS radar with rapid set-up time of less
than 1 hour

GTARS Specifications

  • Performance
Long-range LO RCS and radar imaging
-20 dBsm single-pulse sensitivity at 100 km
High-power pulsed RF architecture
Ultrawide bandwidth, high-resolution waveforms
NB/WB/UWB RCS signatures, 1D/2D imaging
Glint angle measurements
Full scattering matrix collections
Dual beamwidths for long/short-range collections
Precision antenna positioner, 50°/s, 50°/s²
Embedded monopulse radar tracking
Online real-time/post-processing workstation
Data storage up to 32 TBytes
Advanced human-machine interface
Slave tracking by TM, radar, and EOIR
Remote operation via fiber or wireless
Highly-mobile, rapid set-up (<1 hr)

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