Deploy. Detect. Defend.

Building powerful radars for any target, Range, or terrain.

As a global defense and security company, we design, develop, build, and support some of the world’s most advanced RF products, from powerful tracking and detection systems to leading-edge measurement and analysis software.

Whether you need mobile, all-terrain tracking, real-time signal processing, or precise test range equipment, STAR can deliver custom products that meet all your performance requirements.

No matter the complexity of the challenge, the obstacles we must overcome, or the boundaries set by those who came before us, we will push beyond them—because innovating is what we do.

Radar Metrology

State-of-the-art radar systems that capture high-quality RCS and image measurements for static or dynamic targets in both indoor and outdoor ranges.

TSPI Solutions

Whether you need continuous all‑sky surveillance, tracking of airborne or surface‑based objects, or simultaneous multi-target tracking—our next-generation TSPI radars can do it all.

Analysis Tools

Advanced data analysis software that sets the bar for RCS signal processing and imaging with its modern design and universal compatibility with all major radar formats.

Test Instrumentation

High-speed, compact, and cost-effective instruments for when reliability and precision are crucial to your mission.

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