The mobile instrumentation radar solution for RCS programs
testing and evaluating stationary or dynamic targets.

The AMRIS multi‑capability, precision instrumentation radar is an advanced, mobile solution for RCS programs that develop, test, and evaluate stationary targets or dynamic (sea/ground) targets.

Emerging from a legacy of over 100 RCS, radar‑signature, and LO/CLO legacy measurement systems, our latest AMRIS build is our most advanced yet—and with the lowest possible total cost of ownership over the life of the radar.


Turn-key measurement system


20-watt near-field and 1 Kilowatt far-field measurement system


5th wheel input for linear/circular SAR measurement


Advanced human-machine interface

AMRIS Specifications

  • Performance
  • Additional Attributes

Self-contained, turn-key measurement system
BlueMax G6 core
60 MHz to 100 GHz operation
1 Kilowatt far-field measurement system
Optical/split-gate tracking
Optional input for telemetry tracking
20-watt near-field measurement system
4-meter by 3-meter X-Y scanner
5th-wheel input for linear/circular SAR measure
Advanced, user-friendly human-machine interface
Co/Cross-polarization measurements
Modular design allows additional capabilities
Turn-table or pylon inputs
Integrated real-time and post-processing UI
Exportable and configurable
Platform independent
Dynamic far-field measurements
Near-field X-Y scanner
Linear SAR
Circular SAR

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