BlueSouce Revolve+

High-speed, compact signal generator integrated with the latest in direct digital synthesis technology.

BlueSource Revolve+ is a high-speed, compact signal generator for applications that require frequency ranges of 0.1 GHz – 20.0 GHz. Focusing on reliability and availability, it comes with multiple RF modules packaged inside a rugged, single-unit chassis and is built using only high-quality components.

Revolve+ includes gain and leveling control embedded within its modules, reducing the number of parts and connections needed. This reduction in parts significantly improves its mean time before failure (MTBF) rate, with projections that estimate lasting over 100,000 hours.

Revolve+ incorporates the latest direct digital synthesis technology, resulting in fast, coherent frequency hopping and chirping and full arbitrary waveform generation capability. With an extremely low phase noise at -127 dB/Hz at 10 GHz, its internal low phase noise reference may be operated independently or synchronized to an auto-detected, external 10 MHz or 100 MHz reference.

Initially developed due to demands for a reliable frequency synthesizer without costly downtime or poor performance, the Revolve+ Compact Signal Generator replaces older, less-efficient technology—especially outdated devices in existing systems. This means it has significant carry-over into adjacent markets, with uses for precision instrumentation radars as well as tactical and operational radars.


Easy-to-install upgrade for existing radar systems


Ethernet link to remote user interface


0.1-20 GHz continuous frequency coverage with 18–40 GHz expansion option


Plug-and-play analog and digital interfaces

Revolve+ Specifications

  • Performance
  • Additional Attributes
Frequency tuning 0.1–20 GHz output
Frequency resolution 0.1 Hz
Frequency accuracy ±0.1 Hz regardless of frequency step size
Frequency stability 1 ppm/year typical (±0.2 ppm for 50° temperature change)
Fast switching time < 200 ns regardless of step size
Phase noise 10 kHz offset at 10 GHz output: < -127 dBc/Hz
Phase coherency ±3 µrad accuracy for any number of frequency changes
Spurious/harmonic signals < -60 dBc
Output power ≥ 10 dBm over the entire frequency range
Power requirements 100 Watts, 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Industry-leading, low phase noise and switching time
Outstanding price-to-performance ratio
Complete local oscillator and internal power-supply solutions in 2U rack space
Low phase noise reference operates independently or synchronized to 10 or 100 MHz reference
Short warm-up time:
pre-warmed reference oscillator = 5 min
cold-started reference oscillator = 30 min
Industry-standard BCD frequency control with 1 Hz resolution
Alphanumeric display indicates selected frequency and diagnostic information

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